Life Before I Was Hank

Hello World, December 20, 2014


I was born on this day.  Instead of being the black sheep of the family, I guess you could say I was the blonde sheep of the family.  I've always been one of a kind.

When I was a puppy, I loved to eat -- I ate so much, it's a wonder I didn't burst.  That's why they named me Tank.  Besides food, my favorite thing in the whole world was to have a stuffed toy that I could carry around in my mouth while I wagged my tail.  Love it! 

My First Year


When I was six weeks old, I said goodbye to my mom, Sadie, and headed for California.  I was a birthday present for a boy named Josh.  My new home was on 3 acres where chickens and goats roamed free.  My family didn't go woof woof anymore; they went bleat, bleat, cluck cluck, and meow, meow.  Even the neighbors all around us had animals -- goats, horses, and chickens. 

Josh promised to take care of me, train me, and pay for my care.  He trained me really well my first year, and I loved him.

I also loved playing with all the animals and small children.  I even slept with the baby goats.  We weren't just friends; we were family.  We got along great, and I thought that would be home forever. 

February 14, 2016


Life happens, and sometimes not the way we like.  After a year, Joshua didn't take care of me like he promised, and when school and work took him away most of the time, Mama Debbie felt bad for me that I wasn't getting the attention and training that I needed.

So, with a heavy heart she drove 10 hours to Portland to meet Debby Parscal, the owner of my mom Sadie.  Debbie was sure I would be loved, cared for, and protected.

That February 14, 2016, my family went from goats, chickens, kittens, and little humans to three big humans and a dog.  Whoa . . .

Life would be different now, but I just knew it would all work out.  I would make new friends.