How Big of a Cage Does a Gerbil Need?

By | February 18, 2020

The gerbil is one of the most popular pet options that people have these days and it is also because of the fact that gerbils are a very adorable rodent pet that is very easy to maintain and most importantly very inexpensive to maintain. So, if you have been looking for information to take good care of your gerbil then here are a few facts about best cages for gerbils that you might find worthy of knowing. One of the biggest concerns of pet owners has been the fact that what cages are ideal for this small pet.

The food habit of gerbils is the most important concern

How Big of a Cage Does a Gerbil Need?

Gerbils are very small and if you have been looking for different things to feed your gerbil then you can feed them almost everything. Except for grapes and a few other things that should not be fed to rodents. You just need to feed a small amount of protein-based food and food high in fiber content to keep it healthy. If you want to feed them high-fat food like cheese then do that occasionally. Fruits and vegetable twice a week is also not a bad idea. This is sufficient for the gerbil.

5 gallons of space for a gerbil

there is a basic rule that if you provide five gallons of space to a gerbil then it is sufficient for it to live in. but you can definitely get anything bigger than this. But if you want to stick to this volume then you would be required to organize your cage in a very systematic manner where you need to have a small cup of drinking water and another container in which you will keep food. This will help the gerbil identify the food source and not search throughout the container.

Gerbils appreciate extra space

One of the best aspects of gerbils is that they appreciate extra space in which they can go around and play freely. So, if you have been looking for a cage for gerbils then do not hesitate to get something that has a volume of 15 to 20 gallons for a gerbil. But 5 gallons is the minimum limit that you must keep in mind. Having a bit of extra space inside the cage definitely gives your gerbil a better environment to grow.

Essential things that a gerbil needs inside the cage

How Big of a Cage Does a Gerbil Need?

Gerbil has its own habitat and the closer the cage is that to the habitat better it is for the gerbil. So here are a few things that a gerbil would love in its cage.

  • Gerbils love to dig inside the soil. So, a soil bedding of about 4 inches would be great for your gerbil.
  • Recycled paper bedding or dust-free bedding of aspen shavings are also a good option if you do not want to put soil in the cage.
  • The bedding must be absorbent in nature.
  • You can set up an obstacle course for your gerbil using regular cardboard or similar items. If you want you can change this course once in a while.
  • Place your cage a bit away from the direct sunlight since gerbils are not fond of direct sunlight for a long period of time at a stretch.
  • Keep the cage in such a place that it is protected from any other pets like cats or dogs in your house. The top of a table or a shelf would work fine.
  • Food some water bowl inside the cage so that you can keep refilling it. This will protect your gerbil from dehydration.
  • Do not keep the cage too close to any air vent.
  • Keep any strong chemicals like phenyl and disinfectants away from the cage of your gerbil.

Put some artificial tunnels on your cage to give your gerbil some real adventure

Gerbils are a great fan of small tunnels since they love digging them in the soil and sometimes uses stones and pebbles to hide around. So, when you are adding some bedding to your cage then just add a few pebbles and empty tissue rolls to create artificial tunnels. Moreover, you can put a small wooden platform in the cage. The gerbils are always fond of climbing and a wooden ramp in the cage could be the perfect entertainment for them. You can scatter food in these so that they keep exploring around.

Approximate measurements of your gerbil cage

The approximate measurements of the cage of your gerbil should be 10 inches in length to 20 in width. It is popularly written as 10″ X 20″ on websites and on labels. Anything of this size or bigger than this would be an ideal size of your gerbil. This is the size estimate for an adult gerbil. So just go ahead and order one for your favorite gerbil. You can find ideal cages in online retail shops like Amazon and even in any pet shop around you. These won’t even cost a lot. So you can get a large cage for your pet to give them that desired extra space.

Wire cages are better options than plastic ones

How Big of a Cage Does a Gerbil Need?

It is always advised that you use to choose a wired cage instead of plastic ones. This is because of the fact that wired cages are more ventilated and it is a better habitat to live when it comes to wired cages. Moreover, gerbils have a tendency to chew the plastic cages and create small holes in it. Thus, making it worsen with time. So, it is better that you go for a wired metal one that can last for a longer span of time.

Thus, if you have been looking for a perfect cage for your gerbil then you know what are the different factors that you should be looking into while choosing an ideal cage for your gerbil. Moreover, just keep their food habit in mind and provide them with ample space. This will help to keep your gerbil in the best possible condition. Keep these facts in mind if you have been looking for the best cages for gerbils.