Hank's Story

This Is How It All Began . . .

On January 17, 2017, a nice couple adopted me from the Lewis County Animal Shelter in Washington state.

They thought I would be a great pal for their other dog, Bruce Almighty.  I liked Bruce, but Bruce wasn't too thrilled to have to share his people with me.  He sulked, but mostly he ignored me.  That was okay -- It didn't bother me -- I just played with his old toys.  

The nice couple didn't know what to do. They knew they would never take me back to the animal shelter, but they wanted us both to be happy.  Jason, the son, and my pal Buddy, the grandson, were the perfect answer, and they jumped at the chance to have me for their very first pet.

I Almost Had A Good Life . . .

I was so happy with Buddy and Jason.  I went every where with them.  Buddy fed me, played with me, taught me dog stuff, and at night we slept side by side.  We even went over to see Bruce almost every night for dinner.  In the evenings, after our walk, I would climb in their laps while they watched TV, lick their faces, and everyone would laugh.   

On May 7, 2017, detectives from the Sheriff's Department came and took me away from my family without much explanation.  My family begged the detectives not to take me, but they said they had to take me.  It was the law. 

You see there was a secret about me that my new family didn't know when they adopted me, and no one was going to tell them. 

The secret was that in April 1, 2016, while I was out wandering with my mom, Sadie, there was an unfortunate incident where two goats were killed and a little pony was hurt.  The thing is my mom instigated the whole thing.

I didn't mean to cause any trouble; all I wanted to do was play.  After all, I was a very young dog. They ran so I ran.  That was the wrong thing to do.  The way the county code was written, because I was there, I was just as guilty.  My mom has escaped justice, but I didn't stand a chance.  The county has labeled me a dangerous dog, and that label carries a stiff sentence -- it punishes me with death. 

But I'm Innocent . . .

Ever since I was six weeks old, I lived in California on 3 acres with goats and chickens.  Goats weren't a meal; goats were family -- that's what I knew. Thing is I couldn't prove that I didn't kill the goats or hurt the pony, but I didn't.   Mom was long gone after that pony kicked her a good one, but I stayed because I didn't even know the trouble I was in.  I ended up getting blamed for something I didn't do.   I did not hurt any animals on April 1, 2016.   

On June 19, my family went before Judge Buzzard in Lewis County District Court in Chehalis, Washington.  Even though, right during my hearing, he received a copy of an approved amendment, which was created especially for me and that would give me a second chance, Judge Buzzard ignored the approved amendment from the County Commissioners and all the new evidence presented to him.  

The judge said he didn't believe the new evidence and ordered me put to death in 48 hours.  

This was not the way I wanted my story to end, and hopefully it won't.  On August 24, my mistress will go to Grays Harbor County Superior Court to seek to have Judge Buzzard's ruling reversed in its entirety for various points of his decision that were unjust and unfair.  

I'm not out of the woods yet, but my chances are sure looking better than at 11:30 a.m. on June 19.  

My family has fought so hard to save my life, but they need your help to Help Save Hank in Centralia, Washington.  Please donate if you can to help with my legal expenses.

Adam P. Karp

Meet Adam

Adam P. Karp, Esq., a successful lawyer from Bellingham, Washington, is representing Jann Propp-Estimo in saving Hank. 

Adam's practice focuses on animal law, and he has come to Help Save Hank in Centralia, Washington. 

Facebook Group Page


A Facebook Group page was created for open discussion and to post filings and pleadings as well as giving accurate and timely information regarding the matter of Hank and Jann Propp-Estimo.

You can reach Hank Off Death Row Facebook page here.

July Highlights


Lewis County Superior Court judges all submitted recusals citing appearance of fairness issues.  The appeal will now be heard before Judge Edwards in Grays Harbor County Superior Court on August 24. 

Order extending euthanasia until August 31. 

 On July 12 the Lewis County Prosecuting Attorney's Office withdrew its motion for reconsideration. According to deputy prosecuting attorney David Fine, Judge Buzzard intimated he lacked jurisdiction. 

On July 7 the Lewis County Prosecuting Attorney's Office filed a Motion for Reconsideration, which was to be heard before Judge Buzzard on July 20.

Hank in the News

 Special thanks to the newspaper reporters from the Centralia Chronicle -- Justyna Tomtas, Natalie Johnson, Aaron VanTuyl, and Pete Caster -- and Sharyn L. Decker of the Lewis County Sirens for their excellent reporting on Hank. 

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