Hank's Hero's Help Save Hank in Centralia

Hank's Supporters at Rally in Chehalis on August 8

Become A Hero

Hank's Hero's is a Facebook group whose ultimate goal is to help save Hank by engaging local media in Centralia and the surrounding cities, spearheading rallies, exchanging ideas with local government, and generating ideas that will Help Save Hank in Centralia.  

Watch for upcoming Hank's Hero's events in Centralia and nearby cities.

Supporting Hank in Chehalis

Spread the Word

You can join Hank's Hero's either by invitation or by approval from any person who is already a member.   So, spread the word and let your voice be heard. 

Hank's Rally in Chehalis on August 8

Let Your Voice Be Heard

As a member of this group, you'll receive the latest information on Hank and feel free to comment on any post. We appreicate your supportive effort to Help Save Hank and bring him home.