Hank on YouTube

Love Brought Ol' Hank Home

Steve created a song, Love Brought Ol' Hank Home, that totally eclipses all the effort that went into bringing Hank home.  This is it -- this is how thousands and thousands of people brought Hank home. This is the one to share all over the world so we never forget what the power of love can do.  Great song, Steve! 


Hank's First Day Home

Hank's first day at home.  Pretty safe to say he's going to get away with whatever he wants for the next couple days.  He stayed with Jason and Buddy his first  night home (they weren't giving him up).  Jason said Hank wouldn't leave his side -- hopefully, he'll be back to normal soon. 


My Life Now

There's nothing like family!  I wouldn't trade this for the world! 


The Kissing Monster

To add to Hank's list to things he likes to do, now he's a kissing monster.  Hank is quite the character.  The bond between Jason and Hank has me amazed. I had promised Buddy I'd do everything I could to bring Hank home, but it looks like I brought Hank home for Jason. 


Doing the Freak

Hank was having the time of his life when we moved all the big pieces of furniture out of the front room in preparation for the new furniture. I finally was able to capture him about the 4th time I saw him "Doing the Freak."  What a funny dog! 


I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas

One of my all-time favorite songs for this time of year is "I want A Hippopotamus for Christmas."  It's such a happy song.  I found the music, so I put this video together.  Some toys just aren't meant to last.