Hank on YouTube -- 4


  Sometimes we call Hank The Hankster.  He's always fun and entertaining.


Happy Tail

 I always know Hank is happy when he wags his tail.  It's a happy tail. 


Hank's Story

 This is our story about Hank.  It gives a look of what it was like with Hank as part of our family.


Movie Takes

 Out-takes from when Buddy and I made the Thank You videos for the donors of Help Save Hank.

Buddy's Voice

Buddy gets to share his views on having Hank, what it felt like to have him taken away, and how he feels about visiting Hank on the other side of the cage. 


When Hank Gets to Come Back Home

Hank is just so patient, but five months is a long, long time.  Steve Hoecker put together a little song because it will be a happy day When Hank Gets to Come Back Home