Hank on YouTube -- 2

In Sync Training

 Hank did everything he was supposed to do, but having him and Bruce Almighty going down in sync is a trick for another day.  Good job, Hanky! 


I Am A Handsome Dude

 A special video for you -- made from a bunch of snapshots. 


Spring in My Step

 Hank's been waiting a very long time to stretch his legs and run, run, run.  We took Hank and Bruce Almighty to the dog park at Borst Park, and he had a great time -- a little rough and tumble, but no injuries.  I could tell Bruce was having a good time, even though he didn't participate much -- his tail was up. 


Hank Having Fun

Slide show of Hank having fun.  He brings sunshine wherever he goes. 


Happy Hank

 I am often asked, "How's Hank?"  You can see for yourself -- he is free and he is happy.  Watch him run -- he uses his whole body -- stretching all the way, and he is so fast.  There was a time I wasn't sure I'd ever see him run and play. 


I'm So Dizzy

 Hank's a little rough on his toys -- I bought him a new lunge, and this one lasted about two hours before he bit through it.  Luckily, this one will be easier to repair, and soon we'll be out there again, and Hank will once again be making me dizzy.