Hank on YouTube

The Power of Love

 The Power of Love. Love is an amazing thing, but the power of love is an extraordinary blessing we've had the amazing good fortune to receive through this wonderful little dog named Hank. Music and Lyrics by Steve Hoecker. 


My Friend Hank

 Hank is the best friend anyone could ask for.  He's kind and gentle, and never barks.


Hankster is a Prankster

 Hank plays a trick on me.  I thought the toy was stuck in his mouth.  Hank meets Steve and gives him a kiss


There's A Dog in Our Hearts

 A new song by Steve Hoecker.



Our Life with Hank

 Hank's plight has united people from around the world. So many people care about this little dog, and they've never even met him. He's captured their heart like he captured ours. Thank you for going on this journey with us. Be strong, be courageous. We'll bring him home because we're going to Free Hank!! Music by Steve Hoecker, "There's A Dog in Our Hearts."YouTube


He's Hanky Panky, He's Hankster the Dog

Special YouTube video with a song for Hank created for Hank by Steve Hoecker with a special request by Buddy at the end of the video.  See all the videos on Hank on YouTube