Hank on YouTube -- 2

After the Vet

 Video after Hank at a visit from the vet to check him out.  He's got marvelous gums


Go to HelpSaveHankdotcom

 During a lunchtime video, Hank entertained us and then we set the video to music by Steve Hoecker, "Go to helpsavehankdotcom."


My Hanky Pank

There's nothing better than a stuffed toy to carry around in his mouth. He especially likes the ones that squeak


Let's Bring Him Home

This video was done for the special song made just for him, "Let's Bring Him Home."  Thanks Steve Hoekcer for sharing your talent. 


Up in Lewis County Washington

 A new song by Steve Hoecker.  Got a little bit of a protest because the prosecutor won't let us have contact visits with Hank.


Sweet Boy

 Hank is such a sweet boy.  He's always happy and wagging his tail.  When he would come to the house at dinnertime, he always made me so happy.  I'd say, "There's my Hanky Park.