Hank's Story

But, I’m Innocent . . .

But, I'm Innocent . . .

My first hearing was June 19 before Judge Buzzard in Lewis County District Court in Chehalis, Washington.  

Even though Judge Buzzard could  have set me free with the new county ordinance, he didn’t.  He also ignored all the new evidence presented, which included a video, because he said he didn’t believe us.  He ordered  me put to death in 48 hours.  

My attorney had to appeal!  My second hearing was before Judge Edwards of Grays Harbor County Superior Court on September 8.  He said it wasn’t his job to second guess a lower court.  I just couldn’t catch a break.

Adam Karp filed new pleadings and on October 18 at 11 a.m. with my whole family (Jann, Gary, Jason, and Buddy) in court, the Honorable Judge John C.  Skinder ruled that equity, at least for my hearing, counted.  

He ordered me immediately released and my death sentence rescinded.  I could go home, but that wasn’t the end.  The preliminary injunction was only temporary.

On December 8 Lewis County requested mediation in order to resolve my case.  A contingent agreement was reached, and on December 18, Buzzard’s and Edwards’ rulings were vacated, and I became a free dog!