Hank's Story

This Is How It All Began . . .

This is Hank's Story.  Read his story and then Help Save Hank in Centralia, Washington. 

On January 17, 2017, a nice couple adopted me from the Lewis County Animal Shelter in Washington state.

They thought I would be a great pal for their other dog, Bruce Almighty.  I liked Bruce, but Bruce didn't really like me.  He sulked a lot, but mostly he ignored me.  That was okay -- It didn't bother me -- I just played with his old toys.  

The nice couple didn't know what to do. They knew they would never take me back to the animal shelter, but they wanted us both to be happy.  Jason, the son, and my pal Buddy, the grandson, were the perfect answer,  and they jumped at the chance to have me for their very first pet. 

 I was so happy with Buddy and Jason.  I went every where with them.  Buddy fed me, played with me, taught me dog stuff, and at night we slept side by side.  

We even went over to see Bruce almost every night for dinner.  In the evenings, after our walk, I would climb in their laps while they watched TV, lick their faces, and everyone would laugh. 

I Almost Had A Good Life . . .

On May 9, 2017, detectives from the Sheriff's Department came and took me away from my  family without much explanation.  My family begged the detectives not to take me, but they said they had to take me.  It was the law.

You see there was a secret about me that my new family didn't know when they adopted me, and no one was going to tell them.  

The secret was that on April 1, 2016, my mom and I had gotten out of the house through the slider that hadn't been properly closed.  What happened next was unfortunate -- two goats ended up dead and a little pony was hurt.  The thing is my mom instigated the whole thing. 

Ever since I was six weeks old, I lived in California on 3 acres with goats and chickens.  Goats weren't a meal; goats were family -- that's what I knew. Thing is, I couldn't prove that I didn't kill the goats or hurt the pony.     

I was a very young dog. Sadie and the goat ran, so I ran.  I was playing, but Sadie wasn't playing, and before I knew, the goat was dead.

Lewis County considers goats to be livestock and dogs that kill livestock are put to death.  Sadie managed to escape justice by going to another state, but I got left behind.  I ended up getting blamed for something I didn't do.  

But, I'm Innocent . . .

The county has labeled me a dangerous dog and that label carries a stiff sentence -- death.   
On June 19, my declassification hearing was heard before Judge Buzzard in Lewis County District Court in Chehalis, Washington.  

Even though, right in the middle of my hearing, he received a copy of the approved amendment, which was created especially for me and that would give me a second chance, Judge Buzzard ignored the approved amendment from the County Commissioners and all the other new evidence presented to him.  The judge said he didn't believe the new evidence and ordered me put to death in 48 hours.  

On September 8, Judge Edwards of Grays Harbor County Superior Court was supposed to hear the RALJ Appeal and to hopefully reverse Judge Buzzard's ruling in its entirety for various points of his decision that were unjust and unfair.  

Judge Edwards decided he did not want to second guess Judge Buzzard so his ruling would stand.  

In addition, both sides had an agreement that would only require Judge Edwards' signature, and I would be free and the case closed.  But that did't happen either, so once again, my life is on the line.

My family has fought so hard to save my life, but they need your help to Help Save Hank in Centralia, Washington.  Please donate if you can to help with my legal expenses.    

Life Before I Was Hank

Hello World, December 20, 2014

Today is my birthday.  Instead of being the black sheep of the family, I guess you could say I was the blonde sheep of the family.  I've always been one of a kind.

As a puppy, I loved to eat -- I ate so much, I could've burst  That's why they named me Tank.   Besides food, my favorite thing in the whole world was (still is) to have a stuffed toy in my mouth that I carry around while wagging my tail.  Life was so good! 

My First Year

When I was six weeks old, I said goodbye to my mom, Sadie, and headed for California.  I was a birthday present for a boy named Josh.  My new home was on 3 acres where chickens and goats roamed free.  My family didn't go woof woof anymore; they went bleat, bleat, cluck cluck, and meow, meow.  Even the neighbors all around us had animals -- goats, horses, and chickens. 

Josh promised to take care of me, train me, and pay for my care.  I loved Josh.

I also loved playing with all the animals and small children.  I even slept with the baby goats.  We weren't just friends; we were family.  We got along great, and I thought that would be my home forever. 

February 14, 2016

Life happens.   After a year, Josh didn't take care of me like he promised, and when school and work took him away most of the time, Mama Debbie felt bad for me because I wasn't getting the attention and training that I needed.  

So, with a heavy heart, Mama Debbie drove 10 hours to Portland to meet Debby Parscal, the owner of my mom Sadie.  Mama Debbie was sure I would be loved, cared for, and protected.

That February 14, 2016, my family went from goats, chickens, kittens, and little humans to three big humans and a dog.  Whoa . . .

I would have a different life now, but I just knew it would all work out.  I would make new friends.  Little did I know how different that would be.  In less than one year, everything would be different..

Adam P. Karp, Esq.

Adam Karp

Adam P. Karp, Esq., a lawyer from Bellingham, Washington, is representing Jann Propp-Estimo to save Hank the Dog.

Adam, a successful lawyer focusing on the practice of animal law, has come to Centralia, Washington, to Help Save Hank.

Facebook Group Page


A Facebook Group page was created for open discussion and to post filings and pleadings as well as giving accurate and timely information regarding the matter of Hank and Jann Propp-Estimo.

You can reach Hank Off Death Row Facebook page here.

Case Highlights

October 18 -- Judge Skinder continued the October 13 hearing until Wednesday for further briefing.

October 13 --   Motion for Preliminary Injunction  to be argued before the Honorable John Skinder.

Hank's Hero's

Become a Hero

Hank's Hero's is a Facebook group whose ultimate goal is to help save Hank by engaging local media in Centralia and the surrounding cities, spearheading rallies, exchanging ideas with local government, and generating ideas that will Help Save Hank in Centralia  

Watch for upcoming Hank's Hero's events in Centralia and surrounding cities. 

Spread the Word

You can join Hank's Hero's either by invitation or by approval from any person who is already a member.  So, spread the word and let your voice be heard.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

As a member of this group, you'll receive the latest information on Hank and feel free to comment on any post.  We appreciate your supportive effort to Help Save Hank and bring him home.

Hank's Rally


On Saturday, July 15, a group of Hank supporters met in downtown Centralia, Washington, for a peaceful Hank's Rally armed with posters, flyers, and a smile to celebrate Hank.  It was a beautiful day -- cars honked for Hank, people cheered, and people who hadn't heard about Hank, asked.  Lots of questions were asked, and before long, everybody knew to go to helpsavehank.com. 

Enjoy the video. Music and lyrics by Steve Hoecker.

Hank on YouTube

The Power of Love

  The Power of Love. Love is an amazing thing, but the power of love is an extraordinary blessing we've had the amazing good fortune to receive through this wonderful little dog named Hank. Music and Lyrics by Steve Hoecker. 


My Friend Hank

Hank is the best friend anyone could ask for.  He's kind and gentle, and never barks.


Hankster is a Prankster

Hank plays a trick on me.  I thought the toy was stuck in his mouth.  Hank meets Steve and gives him a kiss


There's A Dog in Our Hearts

A new song by Steve Hoecker.


Our Life With Hank

Hank's plight has united people from around the world. So many people care about this little dog, and they've never even met him. He's captured their heart like he captured ours. Thank you for going on this journey with us. Be strong, be courageous. We'll bring him home because we're going to Free Hank!! Music by Steve Hoecker, "There's A Dog in Our Hearts."YouTube


He's Hanky Panky, He's Hankster the Dog

Special YouTube video with a song for Hank created for Hank by Steve Hoecker with a special request by Buddy at the end of the video.  See all the videos on Hank on YouTube


Hank on YouTube -- 2

After the Vet

Video after Hank at a visit from the vet to check him out.  He's got marvelous gums


Go To HelpSaveHankdotcom

During a lunchtime video, Hank entertained us and then we set the video to music by Steve Hoecker, "Go to helpsavehankdotcom."


My Hanky Pank

There's nothing better than a stuffed toy to carry around in his mouth. He especially likes the ones that squeak


Let's Bring Him Home

This video was done for the special song made just for him, "Let's Bring Him Home."  Thanks Steve Hoekcer for sharing your talent. 


Up in Lewis County, Washington

  new song by Steve Hoecker.  Got a little bit of a protest because the prosecutor won't let us have contact visits with Hank.


Sweet Boy

Hank is such a sweet boy.  He's always happy and wagging his tail.  When he would come to the house at dinnertime, he always made me so happy.  I'd say, "There's my Hanky Park.


Hank on YouTube -- 3

Don't Worry, Be Happy

 I sing to Hank, "Don't Worry, Be Happy" at one of our lunchtime visits, and Hank gives me kisses.


Hank's Visitor

 Michelle gets to visit Hank at the Lewis County Animal Shelter. Michelle was his first visitor.


Hank Gives Kisses

It's a bit of a stretch but well worth it to reach for one of Hank's kisses.   He would climb in our lap and with one swoop lick our whole face. 



Hank's rally in downtown Centralia, Washington on July 15, 2017. 


Gary and Hank Love Their Treats

Gary giving Hank treats at the Lewis County Animal Shelter.  Hank is always so sweet and gentle.


Soulful Eyes

 Hank and Buddy on a visit at the Lewis County Animal Shelter.  Song, Help Save Hank Dot Com. Hank has such soulful eyes.


Hank on YouTube -- 4


 Sometimes we call Hank The Hankster.  He's always fun and entertaining.


Happy Tail

I always know Hank is happy when he wags his tail.  It's a happy tail. 


Hank's Story

This is our story about Hank.  It gives a look of what it was like with Hank as part of our family.


Movie Takes

Out-takes from when Buddy and I made the Thank You videos for the donors of Help Save Hank.


Buddy's Voice

 Buddy gets to share his views on having Hank, what it felt like to have him taken away, and how he feels about visiting Hank on the other side of the cage.  


When Hank Gets to Come Back Home

Hank is just so patient, but five months is a long, long time.  Steve Hoecker put together a little song because it will be a happy day When Hank Gets to Come Back Home.


Hank in the News


 Read Robert Pregulman's expose about Hank in Centralia, Washington, entitled, “Grays Harbor County Judge to Determine Whether Beloved Dog Will Live or Die” written for Seattle DogSpot.  A very special thanks for this in-depth and accurate article about Hank.  It is listed as the first pdf file.   A second article, a commentary by Bill Moeller, heads up the second column.  Also, on this page are some of the news articles about Hank in Centralia, beginning in May 2017 and letters of the editor.   Special thanks to the following reporters for their reporting of Hank in the News --  Justyna Tomtas (CC), Natalie Johnson (CC), Aaron VanTuyl (CC), Pete Caster (CC), and Sharyn L. Decker (LCS). 

Grays Harbor Judge (pdf)


Bill_Moeller_Commentary (pdf)


Family Hopes to Save Dog_1 (pdf)


County Ponders Fate_2 (pdf)


Employees Broke the Rules_3 (pdf)


BOCC Look to Amend Ordinance_4 (pdf)


Possible Reprieve_5 (pdf)


The Trial of Hank the Dog_7 (pdf)


Common Sense Lacking_1 (pdf)


Execution Table (pdf)


Steve Hoecker Letter to Chronicle (pdf)


Letter -- Destroy Heart and Faith in Justice (pdf)


Hank in the News -- 2

Hank in the News -- 2 is a collection of articles about Hank beginning in June until the present time.  Thanks again to those listed on Hank in the News from the Centralia Chronicle and Lewis County Sirens.

BOCC Look to Amend Ordinance_4 (pdf)


Petition Filed to Save Dog_6 (pdf)


Centralia Dog Secures Temporary Stay_10 (pdf)


250,000 claim against county_12 (pdf)


30-day Stay Granted_11 (pdf)


Judge Declines to Reclassify_9 (pdf)


Judge Upholds Dangerous_8 (pdf)


Reaction to Judges Decision on Hank_14 (pdf)


Appeal Hearing (pdf)


Honk_for_Hank_Chehalis (pdf)


Appeal_Hearing_Set (pdf)


GR_Hearing_Rescheduled (pdf)


Hank in the News -- 3

This page contains the most recent stories on Hank from the Dori Monson Radio talk show to news articles as well as commentary and any other articles about Hank.   It should be noted that the headline for "Higher Court" is incorrect.  Judge Edwards specifically did not say that he agrees with the lower court but rather that he was not called upon to second guess him.  Hank's innocence that got him condemned and his temperament were not under review.

No One Wants Hank to be Killed (pdf)


LC Workers Face Charges for Hank the Dog (pdf)


Judge Rejects Deal in Hank the Dog (pdf)


charges_filed_then_dismissed (pdf)


higher court agrees (pdf)


Grays Harbor Judge Affirms (pdf)


McCroskey Commentary_3 (pdf)


Who Will Pay the Bill_2 (pdf)


Bill Moeller Commentary (pdf)


McCroskey Com. Breaking the Law (pdf)


Update_Grays_Harbor_red (pdf)


mcDonald_Commentary (pdf)


Hank in the News -- 4

Page 4 of Hank in the News contains radio talk shows, periodicals, news articles, and commentary.  Thank you  to the Centralia Chronicle and Lewis County Sirens for their reporting of Hank.

dangerous_dog_law (pdf)


Lewic County Officials to Save Hank (pdf)


Hank Case -- A Lot Going On (pdf)


Commissioners Right (pdf)


Washington Family Fights (pdf)


County Commissioners Make Changes (pdf)


County Should Right the Wrong (pdf)


Over 44,000 Sign Visitation Petition (pdf)


Animal Cruelty (pdf)


Handling of Hank (pdf)


The Change. org Petition

Thank You for Your Support

Over 153,000 supporters signed and commented on Hank's Change.org petition.  On August 8, all signatures were hand-delivered to the Lewis County Board of Commissioners, and in Adam Karp's Revised Motion for Preliminary Injunction, he mentions that this petition with over 1694 printed pages will be available upon request for the Court to review.    

Vielen Dank für die Hilfe, um Hank zu retten

Grazie per aver contribuito a salvare Hank

Donate Here to Help Save Hank


This is where you can donate to Help Save Hank  The Propp-Estimo Pringle family is grateful to so many for their support to save Hank.   Hank's expenses totaled $19,217.43, and after deducting fees (9%) from the funding sources, Hank's fund has received $15,574.04 in donations.

Please donate now in Centralia, Washington, to Help Save Hank. You can find daily updates about Hank on Facebook

Donations will continue to be accepted until Hank comes home. There are four funding sources where you can donate -- Click the Paypal button, click on GoFundMe, or click on YouCaring to go to those funding sites. Change.org has its funding fundraiser on their site.  Your support and encouragement has meant the world to us.  Thank you for supporting Help Save Hank in Centralia, Washington.   

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This Is Hank's Life Now

On May 9, 2017, when detectives from the Sheriff's Department came and snatched Hank away without consent or warrant, he has been housed in the Isolation Area of the Lewis County Animal Shelter.   Hank is confined to a small yard where he can walk around for a couple hours a day , but he never gets to go for walks.   

Our family is only allowed to visit him with the kennel door locked shut.  We never get to play, pet, or hug Hank.  These are Buddy's memories of his very first dog.

Thank You

If You Are A Woman

Hank's family really appreciates your gift of generosity when you donated to Hank's Fund.  Even though Buddy is away in Montana, he made a special thank you so you would know how much your donating for Hank means to him. Click Thank You 

If You Are A Man

 Thank you so much for the contribution you made to Hank's Fund.  It means so much to us to have all this support at this really difficult time.  Buddy is away for the summer, but before he left, he made some special as his way to say thank you.  Click here. 

Thanks From Hank's Family

 Your kindness and generosity will not be forgotten because we will always remember you were part of Help Save Hank in Centralia, Washington.